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Where can you find outrageous oxen, sheep being sheared, and 4th of July fun? Discover all these and more in “MOOOO! A Billings Farm Alphabet”.

From A to Z, Kristina Rodanas’ rich illustrations in watercolor and colored pencil capture the magic of Billings Farm & Museum in Woodstock VT.

“J” is for JOY!”
Celebrating Spring!

Hear Huck moooo!

Editorial Reviews of Hucks Way Home 

“Huck’s Way Home is a picture book for everyone who loves animals. Kristina Rodanas’s luminous art and gentle, compelling prose glow with compassion. Little Huck’s determination will inspire both children and adults not only to be courageous, but also to learn from the wisdom of animals, and trust in the kindness of our beautiful world–a world more generous and gentle thanks to places like Billings Farm and Museum, where Huck really lives today !”

-Sy Montgomery, nationally-bestselling author of 21 books for adults and children, including The Soul of an Octopus, The Good Good Pig, and How to Be A Good Creature.

“A thoroughly engaging animal tale that delivers a message of self-reliance with visual and narrative warmth. Pairing her expressive text with beautifully rendered, realistic, double-spread and single-page illustrations in pencil and watercolor, [Rodanas] brings to life green Vermont landscapes, sunny and starry skies, and farm and forest creatures.”   Kirkus Reviews

“Huck has the Vermont spirit. This beautifully written and illustrated book should be in every school library for all to read and enjoy. Thank you Billings Farm for Huck and for this story of hope.  
-Anson Tebbetts, Vermont Secretary of Agriculture

“Huck’s Way Home is an endearing story that captures the serenity of Vermont’s rural landscape. Its beautiful art brings the characters and events to life, and it encourages us all to remember our agricultural heritage and to think about how the lives of animals play out alongside our own. ”  
-Dan French, Vermont Secretary of Education  

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Selected original illustrations by Kristina Rodanas are available for sale to collectors on her companion website

Illustrator & Author, Kristina Rodanas